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1394 Grêmio I'm Gonna Cheer for Gremio Chant encourage the team to win the libertadores championship Playlist
1900 Corinthians Oh Boy the Hour Is Coming A song for the end of the match Playlist
2217 Corinthians The Almigthy Doesn't Lose at Pacaembu In 2009, Corinthians were champion of Paulista Championship without losing a match Playlist
3185 Corinthians Hey, You Here... Some minutes before Corinthians conquers its Three times Brazil Cup title against Inter at Beira Rio Stadium Playlist
3808 Corinthians Hands of Lettuce Crowd singing agaist to Rogerio Ceni, São Paulo's goalkeeper Playlist
4171 Corinthians If Corinthians Don't Win Song to threaten rivals Playlist
5115 Corinthians 1 2 3 Bicharada Is a Customer Corinthians always defeat São Paulo (Bicharada). In Brazil, when a club always loses to another one, the defeated team is called FREGUÊS (like a customer, client) Playlist
6531 Corinthians Let's Drink Chopp A funny song of Coringão Chopp Playlist
6921 Corinthians Our Customer Is Back Corinthians against Sao Paulo, we making fun them of our winners Playlist
7231 Corinthians The Girls São Paulo is a very delicate team like a little girl Playlist
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7454 Corinthians Gaucho... Corinthianos provoking gauchos Playlist
8012 Corinthians They Are out of Control Provoking the bambis when Corinthians defeats them Playlist
8163 Atlético Mineiro Who Stands Still Chant to cheer up the fans and make everybody move. Playlist
8711 Corinthians Just Corinthians Play When Corinthians is playing well Playlist
13106 Fluminense The Playboy Guys Are Coming Fluminense's supporters Playlist
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