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3296 Internacional Oh Internacional Internacional ole! Playlist
3974 Internacional Bring Love and Passion Forever Oh come on, come on oh, forever Inter... Playlist
4291 Internacional Come on I'm Red! Come On I'm Red... Playlist
4574 Internacional A Feeling That Cannot End! ... Playlist
5720 Internacional You're My Best Friend My best friend Playlist
5832 Goiás Goias! Simple song from fans of Brazilian Club Goias Playlist
6177 Náutico Nautico! Nautico Playlist
10451 Internacional Every Day I Love You More (Ole, Ola) Great ringtone for Inter fans Playlist
11226 Internacional Red Shirt NEW Traditional song chanted at Inter matches Playlist
12523 Internacional Go Inter Academy of the people Playlist
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12932 CRB Rooster, I Love You! It's a classic song by CRB Alagoas, well known for music fans regatiana sung to several years in stages. 'Rooster' is one of our nicknames. Playlist
13130 Paraná Clube I Hoped for You a Lifetime A feeling that will never end Playlist
13826 Brasil de Pelotas Charanga Garra Xavante Charanga Garra Xavante, since September 7, 1979. Playlist
13882 América Futebol Clube (MG) Tell Me How Do You Feel Atletico NEW Fan chant from America MG teasing one of their rivals, Atletico Mineiro. As the rival does not own a stadium, they have to rent it from America for their home games, this creates opportunities for songs like this one. In this chant the America's supporters say that Atletico is and will always be a tenant without their own home, also, that America has more tradition and the best foward.In 2016 Atletico MG annaunced the planning of their own stadium, so maybe America will have to come up with new ideas for chants. Playlist
13992 Internacional Come on Oh Classic chant from Inter fans Playlist
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