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Baixar músicas de futebol de 'avin a go livre, Brasileiro Série A para a melhor música de futebol do Brazil

3618 Atlético Mineiro Maria I Know You Tremble Parody of the song Bad Moon Rising Creedence Clearwater Revival band that enjoyed success with the Argentine version. Made up after winning 2013 libertadores cup. Playlist
4471 Cruzeiro 2003 I Saw, 2005 I Laughed A joke with Clube Atlético Mineiro. Cruzeiro was the 2003 Brazilian Championship champion and their rival Clube Atlético Mineiro was demoted to Brazil second-division in 2005. Playlist
5526 Cruzeiro We Have Two Libertadores Having a go at Clube Atlético Mineiro - they never have seen and they will never see the prizes we've won (Gaylos) Playlist
5633 Cruzeiro Reared Chickens Funny joke with CAM (Atlético-MG) usually called hens for the cruzeiro fans. This chant is a parody of the chant used for the french supporters after the final of 1998 World Cup Playlist
5928 Sport Recife 87 is Ours Chant that makes fun of rival team Playlist
6592 São Paulo Tigre... Up in Your *ssTigre ! Playlist
6957 Corinthians Where Are You, Where Are You? Corinthians fans making fun of Sao Paulo' fans (bambis) Playlist
8904 Corinthians Place for Fish Is Inside The Aquarium Corintianos humiliating Santos (the sardines)' fans after a winning match Playlist
9047 Fluminense Imitation Of A Monkey Mulambo watches Playlist
9117 Corinthians Stop Provoking! Against rival fans that are insolent Playlist
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9686 Corinthians You Were The First To Fall Corinthians fans provoking the main rival Playlist
10372 Sport Recife Pernambuco Playing For The 4th Division Offending our biggest rivals Playlist
10501 Fluminense 1, 2, 3 These Scum Are Our Customers "Customers" in Brazil, it's what a team is called when they always lose to your team. Playlist
10806 Corinthians Crybaby Corinthians' fans laughing at Santos' fans Playlist
10842 Corinthians Pig! Against dirty pigs Playlist
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