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462 Cruzeiro Hey Referee Offenses the referee Playlist
729 Fluminense Urubu, Expect Fluminense is better than Flamengo Playlist
1623 Corinthians Place for Fish Is Inside the Aquarium Corintianos humiliating Santos (the sardines)' fans after a winning match Playlist
1877 Vasco da Gama I'm IRA Jovem Fan chants insulting other teams fans. Playlist
2085 Botafogo Mulambo, Tell Me How You Feel Chant insulting Flamengo Fans and extoling Botafogo´s eternal idols. Inspired by the hit from argentina "decime que se siente", we made this "tribute" to the Flamengo scum Playlist
2241 Fluminense La Bamba Tricolor Fluminense, the biggest team in Rio Playlist
3250 Flamengo Poroh Poh Poh Flamengo came to win. Coritiba iss doomed. Playlist
3936 Atlético Mineiro It’s Me from Galoucura Chant insulting flamengo and cruzeiro's organized association fans. Mineiro's rivals Playlist
4252 Corinthians I Wanna See You Leave Pacaembu When the supporters are angry with some football player Playlist
4261 Corinthians Go Above Them Timao Corinthians' supporters kidding 'bambis' Playlist
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4760 Fluminense Your Time Has Come Fluminense fans provoking Corinthians fans. Playlist
4879 Fluminense Hey Referee Bad Referee Playlist
4984 Sport Recife 87 is Ours Chant that makes fun of rival team Playlist
5057 Fluminense Silence in the Slum Aimed at black and red fans (Flamengo) who only sing when the team is winning Playlist
5076 Corinthians You Were the First to Fall Corinthians fans provoking the main rival Playlist
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