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326 Corinthians Timao Eeeeee Oooooo The most traditional Corinthians chant Playlist
639 Cruzeiro Come on Cruzeiro A TFC music Playlist
747 Fluminense Come on Up Fluzao A version of a very famous song from a Brazilian 80s rock band called RPM. The vocalist is also a Fluminense fan and currently this is our most famous and favourite chant. Playlist
752 Palmeiras Anthem of the Greens Great sound on this one Playlist
831 Atlético Mineiro Strong Rooster Galo! Sorry, we haven't got the full audio for this chant Playlist
835 São Paulo São Paulo Oficial Anthem Remastered São Paulo Oficial Anthem Remastered Playlist
913 São Paulo São Paulo Oficial Anthem São Paulo Oficial Anthem Playlist
1065 Fluminense Flu-mi-nense, Ole Ole Ole Tricolor supporters on The Beatle's rythm Playlist
1123 Grêmio Raindrops of Love Chant inspired by the song "Pingos de Amor". A true declaration of love for Grêmio. Playlist
1144 Vasco da Gama Sao Januário Meu Caldeirao Vasco De Gama in full voice Playlist
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1215 Corinthians Oficial Anthems of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista Anthem sung at the stadium Playlist
1535 Corinthians Gaviões da Fiel Break Chant from Gaviões da Fiel, Organizated Association Fans and Samba School. Playlist
1595 Vasco da Gama In 'Maraca' I Will Have Fun! In this chant Vasco da Gama's supporters tease Flamengo's fans, saying that their supporters (Mulambada) do not have a stadium of their own. They currently play their home matches in the Maracanã stadium, which is owned by the city of Rio de Janeiro. Playlist
1638 Cruzeiro Oh My Love Cruzeiro Support Cruzeiro is a deep feeling of love Playlist
1762 São Paulo São Paulo's Anthem The most important song in the world ! São Paulo Oficial Anthem! Playlist
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