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1223 Vasco da Gama Sao Januário Meu Caldeirao Vasco De Gama in full voice Playlist
1620 Vasco da Gama And In 'Maraca' I Like Not entirely sure we have the right translation here - please help in the comments if you can! Playlist
2517 Vasco da Gama I Take The Cross Of Malta Great lyrics! Playlist
3755 Vasco da Gama I'm Bohemian Yes Sir (With A Band) Music composed by Yuri Kebian of organized supporters 'Warriors of the Admiral', talks about the bohemian side of football in Rio, including the most illustrious Vasco da Gama Playlist
4589 Vasco da Gama Black Skirts - Camisas Negras The Vasco squad known as Black Skirts won for the first time the carioca championship in 1923 (11 wins, 2 losses and only 1 defeat). The success of this squad was due to black, mixed races and poor people that were recruited outside the main football fields. This is the start of a fight against racism in football. Playlist
4599 Paraná Clube War Scream NEW Fúria independente Playlist
5529 Vasco da Gama Anna Julia Vasco fans version This is the Vasco fans version of a famous song in Brazil called Ana Julia, from the band Los Hermanos. Playlist
7795 Vasco da Gama Vasco da Gama Anthem Official Vasco da Gama Anthem Playlist
7976 Vasco da Gama Vasco Da Gama's Centenary Anniversary Anthem Vasco da Gama's centenary anniversary anthem, written by Unidos da Tijuca Carnaval Samba School. Playlist
13070 Vasco da Gama Vasco Centenary Anthem Vasco centenary anthem.In 1998 was celebrated Vasco 100 years.This has became the theme for Unidos da Tijuca carnival group and all Vasco fans have sang it for years untill nowadays. Playlist
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13089 Londrina Anthem Londrina Esporte Clube Great anthem of Londrina fans Playlist
13494 Brasil de Pelotas Fans Sing Brasil de Pelotas Anthem Brasil de Pelotas anthem always sung by the fans Playlist
14229 Vasco da Gama My Vasco Chant from Vasco fans Playlist
14664 Vasco da Gama Big Club From The Hill Vasco fans version of "Uni-duni-te", a song for kids from a TV host called Xuxa. Playlist

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